Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Thierry Cowan – 30 Minute Teeth Whitening

Meet Thierry – Owner of 30 Minute Teeth Whitening

The remarkable smile Thierry possesses is all too fitting for someone who runs a successful teeth whitening business. With his real name being Terry Cowan, he chose to polish it up to Thierry, simply because it looks more fancy. Born in Cincinnati, he attended high school at Withrow before heading to Indiana Wesleyan University where he earned a degree in Business Management. Additionally, he furthered his studies at the University of Cincinnati for two more years.


Thierry – Owner of 30 Minute Teeth Whitening

About His Business

Thierry has owned and operated 30 Minute Teeth Whitening, formerly Maui Whitening, for nearly two years. The previous company was a pioneer in the industry; perfecting the concept of non-dental, professional laser teeth whitening. If you’re looking for a safe, efficient way to get pearly whites, it’s the place to go. Whether you have stains and discolorations from coffee, smoking, or medications, he’ll work with you to get the look you desire. They even offer mobile service and will come to you!


Actual results from a 40 minute session

How to Brighten Your Smile

To learn more, call Thierry at 513-655-5069 or visit his website at From sessions of 20 minutes to an hour, he’ll work with you to ensure the best results for half the price that your dentist would charge. Stop messing around with the hassle of store-bought whiteners and come see him!