Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Ramah Sports Academy


Could you imagine spending THIRTY years at camp?  Well, this is exactly what our tenant, Yoni Shear, has done.  Yoni is the Associate Director for Ramah Sports Academy (RSA), which is the newest Ramah Camp affiliated with the  Conservative Movement of Judaism.  RSA is a Jewish sports camp that specializes in sports for campers who are entering 5th – 11th grades.  RSA will be located on the campus of Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT and will be utilizing Fairfield’s athletic fields and facilities.  Their winter office is based out of New York and Yoni is presently recruiting around the country for enrolling campers. Cincinnati is a great location for him to achieve this.  Ramah Sports Academy is centered around the camper’s care, health, safety, and high level of athletic practice.


Yoni is an alumni of the University of Kansas, majoring in athletic training.  His sports education led him to an opportunity to be an athletic trainer for the University of Kansas Men’s basketball team.  He also has a masters degree in Jewish Education from the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem.  Yoni has been a Jewish educator in several places including the Rockwern Academy here in Cincinnati.  How did he come upon his position with Ramah Sports Academy?  He started going to Camp Ramah in the Poconos when he was only 7 years old and he just never left!  He has always been involved with Camp Ramah, but just in January of 2017 he became a full-time employee of the Ramah Sports Academy, a dream come true!

Currently, Ramah Sports Academy is open for enrollment and again this is for children entering 5th – 11th grade.  They are also hiring staff, including coaches, with college experience being a requirement for head coaches and high school varsity experience for the assistant coaches.

RSA’s culture is focused on winning, but Yoni and Ramah Sports Academy want to teach children that winning is not the only factor in sports.  They provide a culture that spends less time emphasizing winning and more time creating a sense of community and teamwork.  This explains why people like Yoni never want to leave – the camp feel like family.