Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Prodigal Son Tattoo

Out of all the business found at our Blue Ash location, did you know we actually have THREE tattoo studios?  One studio is Jason Cline’s Prodigal Son Tattoo and he has just recently joined in being one of our awesome tenants!  Prodigal Son Tattoo is a small, private studio specializing in all styles of tattooing, but leans more towards traditional American and Japanese styles.

Getting Started:

So how did Jason get started?  He has been drawing all of his life and was initially interested in going into designing comic books.  Well, he started hanging around different shops in New Orleans and eventually began a friendship with a woman that had her own tattoo shop.  Over the next year, Jason started running errands for her studio and handling day-today-operations.  Eventually, he began doing his own tattoos!

Jason did have his own shops in New Orleans, but him and his partner recently decided to sell them.  This allowed for him to move to Blue Ash and be closer to his family.

Favorite Part:

One of Jason’s favorite parts about having his business Prodigal Son Tattoo is that he loves to meet people and get to know them.  Also, he gets to do cool art on clients. What could be more fun than having your own business where you get to do what you love!