Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Pretty Moments, LLC

LaShaunda Vaugh, the owner of Pretty Moments, LLC, has set out on a mission: to give every women the opportunity to feel amazing. Every women deserves to feel pretty in their moment.

LaShaunda wasn’t always in the bra and lingerie market, but you wouldn’t know it by the way she talks about her new found passion. She was originally in the medical field working at Good Sam as a chart coordinator. Hospitals see a lot of devastation, which can take a toll on the employees, which is what happened for LaShaunda. She was overwhelmed with the amount of sad people she saw every day and decided to switch up her routine. After leaving the hospital, she was encouraged to try retail due to her love of fashion and all things beautiful. At Nordstrom she applied for the makeup counter, where she was turned away due to no open positions but pointed in the direction of the lingerie department. This is where Pretty Moments, LLC begins to bloom. To LaShaunda, her clients were not “just clients”, they were quickly becoming friends. While working in retail, LaShaunda began to feel limited when it came to offering the clients she had come to know and love a more personal experience. This is when she knew something had to change. After helping so many women find their perfect fit and items that they feel beautiful in, this is when she had found her passion. She left her position at the End of February and is having her Grand Opening on April 27th, 2019!


LaShaunda is a certified “Bra Fit Specialist” that attended school in New York. She was trained by a fit specialist from Eveden Fit School.


Mrs. Vaughn has a plan that is so crazy, it just might work! A bra shop that fits and welcomes everyone! LaShaunda is a full-fit woman who knows the struggle of finding items catered to the full-fit community. Her shop is meant for all women, of all ages, of all sizes, and all shapes. Shopping for intimate garments can be difficult when each store holds a certain size or style but isn’t inclusive to everyone. LaShaunda sets herself apart by making her boutique a “one stop shop”.


Pretty Moments, LLC doesn’t stop there, the boutique also offers prosthetics for women that have had a single or double mastectomy due to cancer. LaShaunda is all about making each woman feel beautiful and incredible in the body she is in. After a mastectomy, patients are sometimes found feeling like they had lost a part of their selves or like they aren’t feminine anymore, which is where LaShaunda wants to help. She will be offering prosthetic services to help these brave women gain their confidence back. By the end of May, she will be certified and will be able to accept insurance for the service.


A favorite client story of LaShaunda’s is when she was recommended to a client from her old workplace at the lingerie counter. This client called and was in of a great fitting bra before a trip she went on. The client had recently lost 60 pounds and dropped multiple bra sizes, which while incredible, meant shopping for a whole new body type. Though her doors weren’t yet open and the shop was still under construction, the client’s story warmed her heart and LaShaunda dropped everything to help. She went on to say that the client cried tears of joy seeing her new body in a bra that fit. The right bra can improve posture, body image, and confidence, which is what LaShaunda did for this client.


When asking about future plans for Pretty Moments, LLC, Mrs. Vaughn was quoted saying she wants to “go as high as the sky willow allow me to go!” In the future, she would like to start working with plastic surgeons and offering bra services to patients. That way they are returning to the same kind face, rather than someone new every time.


Pretty Moments, LLC is having their grand opening April 27th, 2019! RSVP before it’s too late! 513-223-1295


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