Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: ClassX Radio

Did you know that our Blue Ash location has a radio station? 

True to their name, ClassX broadcasts Classic and Melodic Rock supported by listeners and local businesses. They feature a variety of programs and hosts such as the legendary Wildman Walker and Eric “The Bulldog” Deters!  The President, Bill Spry, originally started the station in his home, but they branched out in an effort to gain more public exposure. Eventually, they found the perfect fit with the Perfect Small Office – Blue Ash.


ClassX has been recognized by Channel 9, Channel 19, the Enquirer and a number of other local and national publications with additional accolades of Best Radio Station and Best Non-Commercial Station from City Beat Magazine and New Music Weekly, respectively.  They air the longest running, local music show hosted by Eddie Mullett for more than 30 years!

Of course operating a radio station also produces interesting moments off the air.  Wildman Walker was once “accidentally” locked in the studio for an entire week.  What did he do to pass the time?  Like any committed DJ, he stayed the course playing albums as he waited to get released.

ClassX has 6 stations that range all the way from Batesville to Maysville and Georgetown to Dayton.  In 2006 their first station launched from Cincinnati suburb, Liberty Township on 88.9 WMWX.  Not only do they broadcast multiple stations but they also offer online streaming.  ClassX is now up to 1.8 million listeners and has had the pleasure of hosting such guests as Eddie Money, Bad Company, Ambrosia and a catalog of others.  Make sure to check out their Beatles-A-Rama show featured every Saturday from 8:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m.

Be sure to Rock out on any of the listed frequencies, their mobile app (search Spryex Communications) or online at

  • 105.5 Kenwood WCXX
  • 92.1 Covington WCNX
  • 95.5 Florence WCXE
  • 89.1 NKY WKCX
  •  88.9 Cincinnati WMWX
  • 89.1 Lebanon WYNS

Bill Spry and Wildman Walker