Blue Ash – Peerless Residential Mortgage

Did you know that it is 37.7% cheaper to buy a house instead of renting?  The numbers might surprise you! Current tenant, Dustin Fossette, is a Principal Mortgage Advisor for Peerless Residential Mortgage.  Peerless is educating people with the pros of buying a house rather than continuing to rent.  Dustin makes the process a quick and painless one for his clients.  Peerless even utilizes a tracking system called UTrack, this allows you to track the progress of your loan inquiry just like you can track a package.  Even if you do not think your credit score is high enough to buy a home just look at the statistics below!  More people get approved than you would think.


Why Peerless?

• Communication, Service and Availability
• Direct Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac Lender
• Underwriting Help Desk – answer questions within minutes
• 580 min fico sore on FHA, USDA & VA – 620 min score conventional
• 0% down payment USDA & VA – 3.5% min FHA – 5 % min conventional
• Goes off Findings. No company overlays
• Up to 55% Debt to income with DU or LP Approval
• Underwriting time 24 -48 hrs
• Conditions reviewed in 24 hrs
• Direct lender access to over 10 different lenders

Why Dustin Fossette?

• Communication, Service and Availability
Available 24/7 via phone, email or text
• Hitting contract dates are most important
• Personally work with your client
• Provides free 100% USDA, FHA & VA signs for eligible properties
• Individual processor for each individual loan
• 100% tailored loan program designed for each client personally
FREE credit repair service and rebuilding program available

So interested to start looking for a new home? Contact Dustin!