Blue Ash – LDR Interactive Special Offer on Headshots

LDR Interactive is offering a great deal on headshots!  Why do you need a headhsot if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner?  Well, that’s because you are the face of your business!  Having photos taken will help people recognize you when they are meeting you for the first time.  Also you want to be in control of what pictures the media uses, right?  Most business owners plan to spend at least $500 on professional pictures, but this is an opportunity to spend at the most $150.

LDR Interactive did the hard part also, they already have a photographer ready so there is no need to search for one.  Professional headshots will resonate what your brand stands for and who is running the business. Lastly, having headhshots taken will give you a boost of confidence with your business.  You’re going to look and feel like a million bucks!

Information for this offer is below.