Being Smart about Getting Smarter

Being Smart about Getting Smarter

By Chasta Postler CMC’s The Perfect Small Office Regional Manager, Vice President of Activity for Blue Ash Business Association.

As the cost of tuition continues to rise and the number of people with student loan debt escalates, the importance of continuing your education beyond high school remains the same.  If there is a will there is a way, and can be as simple as finding financial aid opportunities in your own back yard.

Hard work does pay off especially when coupled with being a good person who’s active in the community.  The Blue Ash Business Association (BABA) is an example of an organization that recognizes and rewards those who fit the criteria for their College/Technical School Financial Assistance Program.  The scholarship is based on: financial need, high-school grades, standardized test scores, participation in extra-curricular activities, community service, and other factors listed on the application.  

This scholarship is available for graduating high school seniors in the Cincinnati area.  The senior must also qualify by being a Blue Ash resident attending any area high school,orthey may be a child of an owner or employee who is a current BABA member and resides outside the Blue Ash area (see list of current members on their website

The initial $2,000 scholarship can become a 4 year program as long as the participant continues to qualify.  Although it may not give you an entire free ride, it’s a possible $8,000 that you could have otherwise paid a hefty interest rate on…now that’s being smart about getting smarter.

The awarding recipient is honored with their check during BABA’s annual May Awards Luncheon, which is always the first Thursday in May, held at the Blue Ash Recreation Center in the Maple Shelter. 

This is just one of many financial aid opportunities that are being awarded to deserving Cincinnati area candidates.

If you know of other local Cincinnati area scholarships please post in the comments below, and let’s all work smart about getting Cincinnati smarter!

The deadline for the BABA scholarship is March 1st of each year.  Applications are available at local High Schools, the Blue Ash Business Association’s website or from any member of the Scholarship Committee:  Phyllis Bare, North Side Bank and Trust Co. (513) 936.8800;  Eric Bender, Eric D. Bender Co., L.P.A. (513) 891.5630;  Tom Gelwicks, Thomas Gelwicks Law Office (513) 421.6688;  Mary Goard, Hukill, Hazlett Harrington Insurance Agency, Inc. (513) 793.1190;  Iris Kelsen, Wilmington College (513) 793.1337;  Diana Queen, Diana’s Dance Wear (513) 792.0970; and Jim Roetenberger, Roetenberger Advisory Group of Raymond James (513) 762.5150.


Blue Ash Business Association’s Luncheon, March 6th-Inbound Marketing: Attracting & Keeping Potential Customers “in the loop”

Upcoming Event Info:

Come as a member, be welcomed as a guest! 

Join us at the Blue Ash Business Association’s monthly luncheon on March 6th at the Wingate in Blue Ash.  Networking starts at 11:30 followed by lunch sponsored by Raffel’s Catering.  During lunch learn about Inbound Marketing presented by Andrea Dale.  Email to RSVP

Presentation Information: 

Inbound Marketing: Attracting & Keeping Potential Customers “in the loop” 

Are you staying in touch with your current and potential customers? It’s great when you can talk with each and every decision maker twice a month, but how realistic is that?

Newsletters, blogs, case studies, and social media can make that difference for your business. Each tool gives you the opportunity to illustrate your credibility, knowledge and customer focus. As a professional business writer and marketing consultant, I will share with you several of the strategies, tricks and processes that I use to generate the content and ideas required for successful inbound marketing. If you have ever struggled with consistently writing and sending out your business’ newsletter, updating your organization’s blog or posting status updates on LinkedIn, this presentation is for you

Speaker Bio:

Andrea Dale, To The Point Marketing & Writing

Andrea Dale is a business writer, marketing consultant and speaker. In addition to more than 20 years of professional marketing and writing experience, she grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Her father, mother and sister all founded and ran successful businesses. As such, her knowledgeable and “real life” approach to marketing helps business owners gain key insights and succeed. Andrea’s services include business and marketing content for websites, blogs, LinkedIn profiles and company pages, as well as marketing coaching and consulting.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’s of Buying Office Furniture

As property managers, we are commonly asked the question, “Where is the best place to buy office furniture?” This is a loaded question, because there are many places to buy office furniture from. The real question is how much are you willing to pay, and what level of quality are you looking for?

Throughout the years we have purchased from them all; Staples, Bush, LOTH, IKEA, Target, and even Meijer. We buy furniture for office models, employees’ offices, and home offices. We also offer furniture packages to our tenants.

Whether you are expanding your office, starting a new satellite location, or turning a great idea into a startup business, you need furniture. That’s why we want to “share the wealth” by giving you our opinion of each brand. They all have their good, bad, and ugly’s, and it’s better to find this out through our first hand experiences rather than going into this challenge blind.

So let us begin…

Staples: They offer a large selection of modern and classic pieces for a variety of prices. You can buy one piece initially and add on attachments later. They deliver and offer assembly. This furniture looks great but does not do well if you have to relocate.

Bush: Their products are very similar to what you may find at Staples, but better quality. The desks we have from them make for a large work space and look great! They have all kinds of additions you can get to make your office look complete.

LOTH: You will find furniture with higher price tags but the quality makes up for it. Our trick is to shop the clearance section and hope to get lucky. Finding a piece from LOTH means that you can keep it forever,not to mention the pieces are beautiful.



Valentine’s Day Networking and Tenant Appreciation Event

valentines-day-gift-guide 725x377-1360090879

“We Love Our Businesses a Brunch”


Valentine’s Day will be here soon and hopefully Spring weather will follow soon thereafter!  For the holiday I want to show my appreciation to our business owners for their continued loyalty to doing business at CMC’s Perfect Small Office, Turfway.  I would like to invite you to enjoy your Valentine’s Day with us and attend our……

                                “We Love Our Businesses a Brunch” event!

Please join us on Friday February 14th in the

73 bldg. Lobby & Conference Room

         Brunch treats, hot & cold drinks coupled with great networking    

from 10-11am


It will be a great chance to meet your neighbors and see what they have to offer while sharing any specials or opportunities you may have with others as well.   We encourage you to bring your business cards and exchange them like valentines. Make sure to drop your business card in our raffle bowl for your chance to win a LOVELY door prize!

Additionally I will be taking names for those who are interested in having a blog written about your company & its products or services.

 First come first serve limited spots available.


Looking forward to seeing you there,


George Fiorini & Bill Ring- Turfway Staff

Every Small Business is a Family Business


Every Small Business is a Family Business

As a commercial property manager, I get to observe people working hard to carve out their piece of the pie. I see the struggles and triumphs of start-ups and small businesses. Better yet, I witness the human qualities of small business owners as they create a life for themselves and for their families. After years of observing entrepreneurs in their natural habitat I have come to the conclusion that every small business is a family business. Traditionally, a family business is defined as “a firm controlled primarily by a family and in which at least two family members work” (Jennings, Breitkreuz & James, 2013, p. 472). This had always been my understanding of a family business prior to managing an office building. I always pictured a father and his sons, a husband and wife or siblings working hard every day, side by side, building a business to pass on to future generations.  After getting a closer look, I see that a family business is not about blood lines or lineage. It’s not about heritage or legacy. A family business is about support, solidarity, encouragement, and never hearing the word “no” when you ask for help. A family business is any business that relies on the day to day support of people who care about its success.  

One of my favorite experiences of managing an office building is getting to meet the family members of the tenants I serve. I meet them for the first time when the glowing small business owner is giving a tour of the new office. I see them when they stop by to help run an errand or deliver emergency purchases from the office supply store. I see them walking briskly determined to help their loved one reach a deadline. I see them helping move items into a bigger office while smiling about what the expansion will mean.  I have seen it many times on their faces, how this is really their business too. They are invested. They have hope for the future success of someone they care about. It is for this reason I assert, that every small business is a family business, maybe not on paper, or on the business letter head, but in the hearts of those who share the dream of a loved one.



Jennings, J. B., Breitkreuz, R. S. & James, A. E. (2013). When Family Members Are Also Business Owners: Is Entrepreneurship Good for Families? Family Relations. 62, 472-489.

Beneficial but Overlooked CMC Office Amenities

CMC’s The Perfect Small Office Tenants are offered a wide array of amenities simply by being Tenants of ANY of the 7 area office complexes. Oftentimes, we get caught up in our business and forget to take advantage of all that surrounds us. Below are some of the commonly overlooked amenities that you can take advantage of immediately!

1.      Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms are available at all sites and are offered to you at a Tenant rate no matter where your CMC office resides. If you are looking for a small meeting space conveniently located closer to your client or need a facility that will host a large seminar, there is bound to be a location that will be happy to accommodate your needs! Many of our area locations are also able to play host to a day office for you.

2.      Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers are located at multiple CMC’s The Perfect Small Office locations as well. What better way to relieve the day to day stress of small business ownership than to jump on the treadmill and watch soap operas during your lunch break? Fitness Centers are also equipped with showers so you can get back to work clean and refreshed, ready to tackle the rest of your To Do List.

3.      Networking Events

Networking Events are critical to most business ventures and we know how hard it is to commit to yearly memberships with elite networking groups. CMC hosts monthly, non-membership, networking seminars at the Blue Ash Office Center brought to you by Market and Profit (MAP). This event is FREE to CMC Tenants with lunch catered by Raffel’s Catering. You can register for the next event at CMC also hosts various events at each site throughout the year which you can stay up to date on through the site’s Facebook Page or the Quarterly Newsletter.

Many CMC Property Managers are also Licensed Notary Publics and are happy to notarize business or personal documents for you. Consult with your Property Manager if you are interested in utilizing any of the above, often overlooked, amenities and would like more information. We are here to help you and your company succeed!