Fail, Fail, FAIL!

fail-imageYes, I’m telling you to fail. In fact, fail fast and fail hard. Then, turn around and teach your kids and your employees to fail as well. Why am I being so “mean” today? Because I LOVE YOU and I CARE DEEPLY about your success.


Fail Follow-Up

Last week I wrote a blog called, Fail,Fail, FAIL! I thought it was only right to post a follow-up!

So, what happens after you take a risk, meet a challenge head on, try something new and… doesn’t go so well? Do you turn tale and run? If you’re an entrepreneur, no. By definition, you don’t run and hide but you may not keep plowing forward either. Here are the options that I usually see successful people taking:


Focus: A Critical Entreprenuerial Skill

focus-entrepreneural-skill-imageThis week at our Legacy meeting we’re focusing on FOCUS! My friend and colleague, Jenifer Fox-Gerrits is going to be speaking on the topic. Jenifer is an ADD (attention deficit disorder) coach and consultant. While Jen has coached business owners most of her clientele are young adults.


Martin Luther King: What Matters?

Martin Luther King was a great man. There’s no question about it. But, what does that have to do with building a business? Truthfully, I’m not sure of the answer-or at least of the scope of the answer. Dr. King fought for freedom, equality and maybe more than anything, respect. He was a man with a deep cause, a cause that took his life and changed our country forever.


What Matters?

Business that Matters is not only our tagline; it’s a guiding principle. Every day, the Legacy Center team begins by asking, “What Matters?”. It’s a great reminder of why we’re here. When I go to bed at night, I ask myself, “What Matters?” and, “How did I live that question today?”. (Some nights my answers are better than others.)

Prior to asking you, “What Matters?” there are some other questions that need pondering:


Tips for Finding Cost Effective Office Space

An entrepreneur bootstrapping a startup can operate from home or a friend’s office. Such an entrepreneur will have to look for office space once the business gains a considerable number of clients. However, the prohibitive cost of leasing office space in prime locations puts off many entrepreneurs and small business owners. Here are small business tips that you can use to secure office space without spending a fortune.