Spring cleaning your small office

Spring has arrived and with it comes the opportunity to clean & organize your small office! Starting a project like this can be overwhelming and time consuming. Follow the tips below for some help in the process:

Divide Your Office into Sections
The best way to tackle any mess is to break it down into sections. Start with one area and work in small sections at a time.

Organize Paperwork
Make room on a bookshelf or cabinet for file boxes or paper trays. Separate papers by type such as “to file” and “to do.”

Clean Out Your Desk
Your desk should hold your absolute most important items, such as a computer, phone, notepad, and pen. If your desk has drawers, those drawers should hold your most important or most current paperwork.

Create a Designated Area for Supplies
Post-it notes, staples, paper clips – everyone’s desk is full of them. Empty out that junk drawer, gather the pens that are scattered across your desk, and create a designated drawer or bin to organize office supplies.

Eliminate Your Digital Clutter
Digital clutter is as frustrating to deal with as physical clutter. Clean out your inbox. Read, reply, and delete emails you no longer need. Remove unused desktop icons on your computer by filing documents away into folders.

Clean Your Furniture
When the organization is done it’s time to actually clean. Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant. Dust your shelves. Polish your furniture. Cleaning and disinfecting should be a part of your weekly routine.



Mark your calendars! Shred Day 2022 has been scheduled!

Spring Cleaning Tips

With warm weather right around the corner, now is the perfect time to clean out your office space. Throw open that window and get to cleaning!

Office Cleaning Checklist:

Remove all items for your desktop and drawers – wipe down the desktop and all of your items as you begin placing them back on your workspace

Keep frequently used items on your desktop and store the other items away in an organized manner

Prepare old files & papers to be shredded at our coming Shred Day

Go through your computer and delete files you aren’t using, filter your emails, and back everything up on a hard drive

Learn to love outsourcing!

Many small business owners have multiple roles they play in their business, especially as they are building their company from the ground up. The control can sometimes be hard to relinquish however your business could benefit from outsourcing so that you can focus on your strengths and passions.  Your time as a business owner is valuable, so consider hiring the professionals in areas that you feel drain you.

Find a list of top areas that your business could be outsourcing in the article below.


Lunch & Learn – Blue Ash

We’re so excited to finally be able to network in person again! On Wednesday, February 16th, we’re hosting a lunch and learn! Speaking is one of our very own tenants, Tammy of TAT2 Marketing! Join us and learn about making your mark!


Kindness Matters!

Celebrated on February 17th, Random Acts of Kindness Day is growing in popularity. We all have been feeling the affects of this long-lasting pandemic and some are looking for simple ways to bring happiness to their daily lives.  Random acts of kindness have the potential at making the world a happier place by boosting feelings of confidence, happiness and optimism both in the person receiving the act and the giver. Contributing these good and simple deeds can help to make your communities more positive and connected. Please see the website below for some simple ideas on how you can participate and make a difference in your communities!

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with Goodwill