Having Confidence When Not Confident

Lack of confidence can make you feel uncomfortable in all types of situations, even ones you heavily prepared for.  You don’t want your clients to feel that you are not confident with your business or else they won’t feel confident sharing information with you or letting you handle a part of their work/life.  There are ways to fake being confident and whenever you practice these enough then you will slowly become more and more confident in yourself.

Eye Contact

Whenever you are engaging in a conversation with an individual, make sure you continue to keep eye contact with them.  Not only does this make you seem genuinely interested in what they have to say, but it also makes you look like you know what you are talking about to confidently talk about the subject.

Continuously adverting your eyes will make you nervous and will you could look like you are not sure of what you are saying.

Pose Like A Super Hero

You read that right!  Put your hands on your hips and do the Superman pose.  This will trick your brain to be less stressed.  Make sure you look to the sky during your pose.  Why?  Because you are shooting for the stars!

Dress for Success

If you are wearing wrinkled clothing or something you feel that is unflattering for your body, then you won’t feel confident.  You will have it nagging in the back of your mind about if you look okay or not.  Find outfits that make you feel great and that will immediately change your attitude.

Slow and Clear Speech

Whenever you speak slowly and clearly, people can understand you better.  Talking too quietly or too fast can automatically make you seem nervous and it is hard for others to keep up with the conversation.  Also, avoid using “um” or “like” fillers.  Everyone is guilty of using filler words but anytime you find yourself about to use them just take a second to collect your thoughts.  It is better for you to leave a slight gap or silence in your sentence than saying “um” every other word.

Using these tips can make you not only look confident to other but they will make you feel confident in yourself.

Roar Past Failure

Failure is one of the hardest situations to get past, but everyone experiences it from time to time.  What really matters is if you let it set you back or you push through it.


The first step at getting through failure is that you need to recognize that it is a part of life.  You need to become comfortable that it will happen and accept it.  Children are usually reprimanded for failure and then they create habits like procrastination to avoid it as much as possible.  Stop avoiding it and know that with failure you can grow into so much more.

Own It:

You know when you make a mistake so you need to own up to it.  Take responsibility for your own actions and words.  By doing this you can also help strengthen your bond with clients because they will learn they can trust you.  It’s easier to push the blame off on someone else, but they will only hurt you AND that other person in the long run.


Accept the failures that have happened.  You do not need to hold yourself back by dwelling on past mistakes.  Learn from those mistakes and grow from them, this will help your business grow with you.  Learn to accept those failure at the present instead of seeing it as an obstacle and then look at it as a challenge to practice your wits and skills.  By accepting you mistakes this way, it shows you will not surrender to failure.


Start asking questions and then answer them.  What caused this mistake? What could I have done differently?  What can I do next time?  Reflect back on the situation and figure out how to handle it if it were to happen again.  Come up with a plan and move on.  Once you reflect back, you don’t need to keep dwelling.  You need to learn what to do right next time.


Roar past failure and don’t surrender to it!


Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: DJ Service Agency

One of the best part of what we do is helping people make their dream of starting a business come true.  Sometimes people get started with only an idea of what their business will be.  The Perfect Small Office is great to let new small business owners start small and work their way up at the pace they want.  One new business that is starting small, but has big plans for growing, is the DJ Service Agency.  They will have everything you will need when it comes to planning an event and they even work nationally in parts of Africa!  Their business is based on a concept from companies in London and Russia.

Services Offered:

Have a wedding, corporate event, or just a party coming up?  These are the guys to go to.  Hashim Williams is ready to provide it all and help you get in touch with everything you might need.  The DJ Service Agency has Dj’s, event planning, and photographers ready for any theme or type of  culture.  They even work one on one with clients to build music playlists to match your style and personality.

5 Year Plan:

Hashim said they are currently working on a 5 year plan to work on growing their business.  Their goal is to have a a store front location and have plenty of advertising to give recognition to what they do.  They also want to specialize in providing a wide range of colors for decorating.  They are still recruiting more DJ’s, event planners, and other businesses at this time.

The Perfect Small Office of Blue Ash is happy we can be a part of the start of this business.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a quick, simple, and direct way to connect with prospective and current clients.  Did you know emails actually have a higher amount of account than Facebook and Twitter?  It’s no wonder it is more effective that social media ads!  The amount of purchases that people make through email campaigns goes up by 10% every year.  It’s time for you to join the email bandwagon!

Check out these awesome infographics for more information on email marketing.


New Tenant Highlight: Vim & Vigor

Vim & Vigor Revitalizin Health Center has created a unique approach to restoring the energy in your life through three main services: Massage, Fitness, Pain Relief and Rehabilitation. We address the body’s inner flows of energy to relax you. We restore balance, strength and function to weak or compromised areas of the body. We revitalize neurological pathways to remove barriers to movement such as pain, muscle tensions,weakness, or limited range of motion so you can do the activities you love and achieve your health goals. Vim & Vigor means energy, vitality and enthusiasm and we believe everyone could always use a little more of that.

We are the first in the area to deliver this type of neuro-muscular rehabilitation. This is cutting edge technology that the athletes have been using for over 30 years and now anyone can take advantage of it’s miraculous capabilities. Imagine getting relief from the folllowing:

Back and Neck Pain

Joint Pain

Joint Injuries

Muscle Aches and Weakness

Prevention of Surgery

and more…..

Call us and schedule a MASSAGE ($10 Discount) or FREE HEALTH CONSULTATION

Experience more at Vim & Vigor!



Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Steve Winter

Steven A. Winter & Associates

Insurance Agency LLC

Five Star Financial Corporation

Steve Winter is a true professional with many certificates and degrees.  After graduating from U.C.L.A. in Economics he started Five Star Financial Corp. (1994)   Five Star continues to operate today and has an office located here at our campus @10999 Reed Hartman Hwy., Suite 214, Cincinnati, 45242.

Five Star Financial Corporation specializes in Commercial and Residential Mortgage L ending.  However, Steve’s passion is Healthcare!  He established Steven A. Winter & Associates in 2001.  He services can range from a single health policy to groups over 100 peoples.  Steve also is licensed full service Independent Insurance Broker offering property, casualty, health, life, specializing in Medicare chronic care and special needs plans.

Steve’s favorite part of his business is he is truly helping people.   He truly enjoys helping people find the correct Medicare Plan that is the best interest of the client, not the carrier!  After interviewing a client and asking a series of questions like “who is your primary care physician”, what Rx drugs are you taking”, “what zip code do you lived in. etc. etc.  After assessing their needs, he will match up a plan to meet their needs, Anthem, Aetna m Humana and United Health Care.

Click here to visit Steve’s website!