Mason Tenant Spotlight: Northpointe Bank

Looking for a home lending expert? Look no further than calling Greg Schmitt of Northpointe Bank, right here in our CMC complex.

Greg started in the business 25 years ago in the title arena, and shortly thereafter founded Schmitt Mortgage. Today, as Mason Branch Manager of Northpointe Bank, Greg prides himself on providing “world class service.”

“I am a man of my word,” said Greg. “It is so very important to me to do what I say I’m going to do.”

Greg relayed that the most favorite part of his job is creating happy and satisfied customers.

“I enjoy the smiles at the closing table,” continued Schmitt. “To me it’s a special time when each client sits with me to close on their home!”

Northpointe Bank is a business that can be of service to tenants here at CMC as well as their families and friends. If you are in need of a mortgage loan or refinancing, see Greg for the personal service you want and deserve.

For more information visit


Have you seen our newest remodeled lobby?!?! 

8050 Beckett Center Drive, West Chester, OH, 45069 is the first building of the CMC’s The Perfect Small Office – Beckett business complex. It was built in 1999 and has been home to business owners north of the 275 loop ever since! Over the past few months, we have given the lobby a well deserved face-lift that is clean, professional, and inviting to Tenants and their guests. We would love for you to stop by and check it out!

2019, Your Best Year Yet! – How to stick to your resolutions!

New year, new you… right? Every year the majority of us make a list of things we would like to improve on and how we can be our best! But, according to a survey done in 2017 by Business Insider, nearly 80% of New Year’s Resolutions FAIL by February! So, how can you stick to your resolutions and make this your BEST YEAR YET? Here are a couple quick tips

We’ve all heard the expression “old habits die hard”. When getting rid of an old bad habit, try picking up a new good habit! Take the junk food out of your home and replace it with healthy options! So when you’re feeling hungry, you’re forced to have a better alternative. When you feel like having a cigarette, try going on a walk. This allows you to take a break as well as getting some exercise in. Chipping away at a habit rather than quitting cold turkey can make all the difference!

One mistake that people tend to make while setting goals is being TOO ambitious. Goals need to be measurable in order to track constant progress. Start out by making small changes to your everyday routine! If you’ve never gone to a gym a day in your life, going twice a week when starting out is much more doable than going every single day. Work yourself up to your goals! And then make them more ambitious as you succeed! Try using a calendar when creating your goals! This shows physical results that you can see and believe. You can then see on which day you’ll be completely free of your bad habit/ when you have reached your goal.

Did you know you’re more likely to stick to a goal if you tell others about it? It makes you feel accountable! Now that you’ve told your entire family or friend group one of your goals, you can almost bet they’ll bring it up next time they see you. When asked “how is the gym going?” you can reply confidently! Fitness Instagram accounts are at an all time high in popularity right now for this very reason. When you want to prove to thousands of people that you did what you said you were going to do, you make a post and inspire others in the process! So, proclaim your goals loud and proud and just see where you end up! You can even expect some praise and cheers coming your way, which always feels amazing!

So, what are some of your resolutions? And how do you plan on keeping them?

Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Your Stylist, LLC

Fashion is something that many of us struggle with. Luckily, personal stylists like Jackie Neville are here to save the day!

Jackie has been a personal stylist or “style coach” for four years now and launched her own business “Your Stylist, LLC” in 2016. It doesn’t matter your age, shape, size, career, or budget, Jackie is here to help you live your best life. When asked about her clients, she stated “they are busy women who deserve to be the best version of themselves!

Jackie entered the fashion world through the retail industry at just fifteen years old and found herself becoming a manager soon after at seventeen. For nearly twenty years, she managed clothing stores primarily for women and says that this is where she really learned how to cater to her clients and know them on a deeper level, something that couldn’t easily be done in a classroom. Her retail management career is where she built her foundation and business acumen leading her to launch her business.

Jackie’s hard work, dedication, and care for others doesn’t end with her clients. She is actually partnered up with Dress for Success; an organization that is dedicated to empowering women, providing tools for success, and professional apparel. The organization is all about helping disadvantaged women to regain their independence and know that they’re worthy of a beautiful life. A personal connection for Jackie being an abuse survivor alongside her mother for over 15 years. She states that if such an organization were around in the 80’s or 90’s, they could have escaped the situation sooner.

It’s obvious that Jackie is an incredible soul with a heart for helping others. “Transforming women’s lives through their wardrobes” is her favorite part of what she does. Each person is unique, and she finds it so rewarding to be a part of her client’s transformations. “It’s a real privilege to be chosen by each of my clients to enter their lives helping feel and look better than they ever have!

Jackie goes the extra mile when it comes to taking care of her clients. She makes sure they feel comfortable, stay within budget, and has staple pieces that can be styled year after year! She says it’s more important to focus on quality rather than quantity, and to not get too wrapped in what’s trendy at the moment. Jackie states that her style is on the risk taking side with unexpected combinations and accessories for her outfits. She also grew up listening to music by the Beastie boys and spent her time skateboarding. So, while she has her staples, she likes to mix it up-in general and in fashion

When meeting with Jackie, there are multiple steps to the process you can expect to go through. It starts off with a one-on-one “style consultation”. This is where Jackie gets to know more about you. Next, a “closet audit” is done where you and Jackie go through your current wardrobe together. You then move on to the “personal shopping” and this is where the new wardrobe is born!

As for the bright future of Your Stylist, LLC we aren’t surprised to hear about Jackie’s big plans! Expansions and internships and partnerships, oh my! Jackie is a REAL woman working with REAL women; stylists aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore. She wants to help you live your best life and she’s here to make the process fun and easy.

Jackie doesn’t currently have business hours, because she works when YOU need her to! To find out more about her and her services, visit: Be sure to tune in to her brand new radio talk show on I HEART RADIO, launching soon! Give I Heart Radio and 55KRC a listen for some expert style advice and more!Follow Jackie in Instagram to stay up to date on the latest with Your Stylist, LLC!

Mason Tenant Spotlight: Building Blocks For Kids

Building Blocks for Kids (BB4K) is a non-profit dedicated to the mission of bridging the funding gap for products and services needed by children with physical, emotional and developmental challenges.

                Started in 2003, BB4K provides grants, referrals to partner organizations and other resources. Over the past 15 years, BB4K has funded therapy, hearing aids, communication devices, wheelchair ramps, home modifications, accessible vehicles, adaptive bikes, special camps, stairlifts and so much more.

                “Personally I love hearing a parent regain hope when they find out we are there for them,” said Dynette Clark, Executive Director of BB4K. “Many of these parents have seen doors slammed in their faces. They have true needs and hopes, and they know BB4K won’t give up on them.”

                CMC Tenants can get involved by investing in our community in a very personal way. Children on the BB4K waiting list for funds are listed on our website . Sponsor and volunteer opportunities also exist. Come visit us at 7577 Central Parke Blvd., Suite 224 to find out more.

Mason Tenant Spotlight: RealLink

Reallink. . . with a 97.5% customer satisfaction rating, this flat fee, full-service real estate firm is the way to go.

The facts are clear. Today, more and more homeowners are realizing that the “flat fee, full-service” way of selling your home is the best solution.

Adam Marit founded Reallink in 2013 with a focused dedication to saving sellers thousands, while still offering the professional, hard-work ethic sellers want.

The concept is simple. Rather than charging the traditional 6% commission to sell your home, Reallink charges a flat fee of $1,000 to list, market, and sell your property. There are no additional fees or hidden costs. Reallink eliminates the 3% commission typically paid to the listing agent, replacing it with a one-time flat fee of $1,000.

“When working with Reallink, you can expect a full-time, full-service, real estate professional dedicated to serving you,” said Adam Marit, President. “And with the flat-fee approach, your savings are significant. A seller of a $200,000 home for example, can save between $5,000 and $11,000!”

The effectiveness of this approach is second to none. As Reallink regularly tracks their results, the data shows that homes sold by Reallink in 2017 sold for more money in half the time compared to the local average.

To make sure Reallink maintains its edge, every client is asked to take a satisfaction survey. Feedback from clients sets Reallink at a current satisfaction rating of 97.5%. This is among the highest ratings in the real estate industry.

“We hear it all the time. This really is the future of real estate,” continued Marit.

To find out more, visit or call Adam at (513) 204-0131.