PSO Beechmont – On the Border of Required Masks

Dear PSO Beechmont Tenant’s and Neighbors,

I want to remind you all that though our building is in Clermont County, it lies right on the border of Hamilton and Clermont. As of yesterday, July 6th, the required mask mandate went into effect. Please be mindful of this as you leave our building and go out into the world for your daily activities. You are required to wear a mask indoors unless in a residence, as well as outdoors when unable to keep a distance of six feet. For more information, visit this link!

Stay safe and take precautions whenever you can.

Our staff at CMC are doing what we can to provide a safe work environment by wearing masks, washing our hands frequently, practicing social distancing, and using CDC approved cleaners and sanitizers.

Mason Tenant Spotlight: Artisan Homes, LLC & John Candle Homes

image.png   image.png
Presenting Homearama’s most award-winning builder year after year… Artisan Estate Homes and John Candle Homes
Rick Seitz and his brother Chad Seitz co-founder Artisan Homes on the basis that “Superior Design and Uncommon Standards make the Difference” in a custom home. Amenities and unparalleled touches that are upgrades and options with other builders, are standard in an Artisan Home. Artisan believes every home is unique. It all starts with doing a superior job at designing each home, then following through building with meticulous craftsmanship behind the walls as well as throughout the home.
“We build one-of-a-kind dream homes,” said Rick Seitz. “It is always our top priority and goal to build a quality home that our homeowners can truly enjoy.”
Chad Seitz works closely with each customer, as well as working with the Artisan crew to bring the homeowners vision to life. “We work diligently to bring together the finest homebuilding teams of craftsmen anywhere,” said Chad Seitz. ” Our team offers the depth of experience to deliver top quality and consistency in every Artisan home.”
Features seen in Artisan homes include custom ceilings, imported limestone flooring, wide-plank hand-carved hardwoods and much more.
Designing a home that will fit each customer’s needs and coming in on budget is the goal of each Artisan home. The result is unmatched design and quality.
John Candle Homes is a sister company to Artisan Estate Homes. John Candle Homes places great emphasis on outstanding designs that are value engineered to give you more and meet your needs. “At John Candle, you’ll find breathtaking, light-filled and open flowing designs,” said Rick Seitz, Co-Founder. “Smart floor plans are designed to reflect today’s lifestyle.” A full in-house staff of interior designers, site managers, service personnel and home designers are there with you every step of the way in the building of your John Candle Home. Homes starting in the $300s are available in premier communities throughout the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati area.
Located at our 7556 Central Parke Boulevard building, Rick and Chad invite you to stop by, or call (513) 310-7079 to discuss your homebuilding vision and needs. 

FAQ Inspection Reports



Q: I received a Commercial Self-Inspection Report from the West Chester Fire Department; should I fill it out?
A: Yes, please do! Typically the Fire Department does a full inspection of the whole complex, including suites, annually. This is to catch any potential fire hazards and also familiarize the department with our buildings. This year, in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, Self-Inspection reports were mailed to each suite. I have completed one for the building and included all applicable inspections on sprinklers, fire alarms and fire extinguishers.
Please be reminded of the following common violations and make any changes necessary:
– Fuse Boxes must be visible and not covered by furniture or pictures.
– Extension Cords may not be used as a permanent electrical source.
 Power Strips may not be piggy backed off of each other.
– Boxes may not be stacked to the ceiling or blocking doors and units may not be used for excessive storage.
– Smoking is prohibited under the breezeway of the rear entrance and in any location that would allow smoke to drift into the building.
– Exit Light batteries and bulbs must be working.
We appreciate your assistance in completing these reports and returning them to the West Chester Fire Department. If you need further assistance, please contact the management office at 513-910-3029 or

CMC Named a Top Workplace in Cincinnati for 2020

For the fifth time, CMC Properties has been named as one of the Top 130 Workplaces in Cincinnati! We are so thrilled to be recognized as one of these businesses. We love our staff, our tenants, and everyone who helps continue supporting us and enabling us to be a wonderful place to work. Check out the full list of workplaces here:

We were also named Best Workplace in Ohio by Ohio Business Magazine for the 2nd time. Again, we are so thankful to our staff, tenants, communities, and everyone here at CMC that continue to make us a great company and place to work.


Shred day 2020 was a success! Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hello and grab some goodies!


Melanoma Know More Tenant Spotlight



May: a month filled with sunshine, vacations, outdoor activities and…. is also skin cancer awareness month! That’s right, while having your fun in the sun, remember to take care of the largest organ you have: your skin! 


This month I had the pleasure of meeting with Leanne and Kris from the non-profit organization Melanoma Know More located right here at The Perfect Small Office, Blue Ash!


Melanoma Know More was founded in 2007 by a group of patients and physicians looking to bring more awareness to the most deadly form of skin cancer: melanoma. Over 8,000 patients have been seen since 2011!


Part of the mission of the organization is to bring greater awareness to skin cancer, specifically melanoma. Considering we are entering the spring/summer months, while more people are outdoors, they want to make sure people are aware about the importance of sun safety and skin protection.


In addition to bringing awareness about sun safety and skin protection, Melanoma Know More also wants to educate the public about early detection. They host FREE monthly skin cancer screening clinics in partnership with Christ Hospital, MercyHealth, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, TriHealth and UCHealth. They host clinics on the 2nd Saturday of every month where you can get a skin check provided by a board certified dermatologist. Please note: due to the coronavirus pandemic, their clinics are canceled until at least July. Check their website for an updated listing.


Melanoma Know More also provides educational outreach at area schools, businesses/organizations and local area events, such as the Flying Pig Marathon, Western & Southern Tennis Open and more. They also help to fund research at the University of Cincinnati.


So, what is Melanoma? According to


“Melanoma is the most aggressive and potentially life-threatening of the three most common types of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are the other two). The incidence of melanoma is increasing at a rate of 3% per year which is faster than any other type of cancer which is about 0.7% per year. Currently 1 in 53 people will have an invasive melanoma and this rate is expected to increase to 1 in 50 people by 2015. While 4% of all skin cancers are melanoma, approximately 80% of all skin cancer-related deaths are due to melanoma.”


Here are a few important facts that should be known about skin cancer:


  • Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.
  • Caucasians and men older than 50 have a higher risk of developing melanoma than the general population.
  • Melanoma is the second most common form of cancer in females age 15-29.
  • In most cases, melanoma arises from a previously existing mole, and it can spread to other locations if not treated
  • The most important warning sign for skin cancer is a spot on the skin that is changing in size, shape, or color

So, while out and about, ESPECIALLY in the summer, make sure to keep a bottle of SPF 30 – Broad Spectrum sunscreen with you at all times! While spray sunscreens are acceptable and better than nothing, lotion sunscreens have better coverage!

To find out more about free clinic screenings, upcoming events, how to get involved, or about melanoma, head over to their website and check out their social media!