How to create connections at work in the age of isolation

How to create connections at work in the age of isolation

NEW YORK (Reuters) – If an overflowing inbox is killing your productivity at the office, you are not alone.

Well, maybe you are, but not in the way you think.

A recent survey of more than 2,000 managers and employees in 10 different countries found that employees increasingly depend on technology to communicate with their colleagues, including email (45 percent), text messaging (15 percent) and instant messaging (12 percent).

Of those who cited email, more than 40 percent said they felt lonely always or often, were not engaged and had a high need for social connection.

Dan Schawbel, author of “Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation,” offered Reuters these tips on working remotely, managing technology and building a collaborative workplace.

Q. Is there a dark side of working remotely?

A. One-third of workers in the U.S. often work remotely. The number of remote workers is up 115 percent in the past decade. But just 5 percent of these workers see themselves staying at the same company for their entire career.

While we want flexibility so much, there is a tradeoff. Our research shows that remote workers are more likely to quit because of loneliness as well as low engagement. The reason why (co-working space) WeWork exists is because people want the human connection. Otherwise, people would just work from home.

Q. Is there a “right way” to work offsite and keep remote workers engaged?

A. These employees will work harder if they have a sense of connection. For managers, it is important to let a remote worker lead the meeting. It’s so simple and brilliant at the same time. It also makes sense to fly remote workers in once a year for an offsite or social event.

And be sure to use video conferencing often for meetings – you get to see and hear someone, which is much better than an email. It also forces you to dress like you are in the office. If you dress the part, you act the part.

Q. How can we maximize our time when we are in the office?

A. When you are working, you need time to focus, think deeply and pay attention to your words, thoughts and ideas. You also need collaborative time to share those ideas.

The actual work is important. But it’s also crucial to cultivate friendships. The workplace survey I led, which was conducted by my company Future Workplace, an HR advisory firm, and Virgin Pulse, a digital health company, found that 7 percent of all employees globally have no friends at work and over half have five or fewer total friends.

The majority of people (60 percent) said they would be more likely stay with their company longer if they had more friends.

This was especially true for younger employees. Gen Z (74 percent) and millennials (69 percent) say they would be inclined to stay with their company longer if they had more friends than Gen X (59 percent) and baby boomers (40 percent).

You will never be able to replace face-to-face interactions at work. Once you are in a room – at a meeting, event, or even celebrating a birthday at work – be present. Put down your phone and actually talk to people.

Q. People spend so much time at work. What is the best way to avoid burnout?

A. Even if you love your job, everyone needs a break. That is why some interesting things are happening around the world to combat burnout. For example, in Finland and in the United Kingdom, they are looking at a four-day work week. In France, you actually have the right to disconnect – workers there don’t have to answer email on the weekends or after work hours.

In Japan, every Japanese citizen gets the right to take Monday mornings off.

Overall, it is about what you do, and who you do it with. The people you choose to work with are more important than the work you do. Even if you love your work, and it gives you purpose, toxic co-workers will make it unbearable.

Editing by Beth Pinkser and Bernadette Baum

PSO Mason Tenant Spotlight: Dapple Baby/Yummy Spoonfuls

Name of business and how would you describe it in 30 seconds?

Dapple Baby makes plant-based cleaning and personal care products for today’s moms.  Dapple products are safe to use around baby because they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, but they still out-clean most brands.  We also own Yummy Spoonfuls, a line of organic meals for kids.  Our products are sold in major retailers in the US (Walmart, Target, buybuyBaby, Amazon, etc).

How did you get started?

Dapple was founded by 2 moms in New York City who couldn’t find a bottle cleaner that was safe and effective to use for their family…so they created their own.  Yummy Spoonfuls has a similar origin story, founded by two moms in Atlanta who couldn’t find nutritious meals in grocery to feed their toddlers.  We acquired both brands within the last 2 years and moved the headquarters to Cincinnati. 

Favorite part of what you do?

My favorite part of being associated with Dapple Baby and Yummy Spoonfuls is watching the brands grow.  When I see them on the shelves of more and more retailers I know we’re helping today’s moms raise their kids a little better.

Can your business be of service to other tenants here? If so, how?

Sure, if they know anyone with a child aged 1 month to 6 years old, their lives will be improved if they use our products.

Anything else you would like mentioned?

We like being part of CMC the Perfect Office.  The management treats us well and our neighbors have always been friendly small business folks just like us.

The Perfect Small Office, Blue Ash – Marketplace!

Spring is finally here! Which means Spring cleaning! Out with the old and in with the new!

Starting a small business can be financially overwhelming, and the @PSOMarketplace on Facebook is where business owners can help out business owners! Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, @PSOMarketplace can come in quite handy! One man’s “trash” is another man’s “treasure”.

Tenants, if you’re looking to rid/sell/trade/buy some office decor or furniture, head over to Facebook and find @PSOMarketplace and give it a “Like”!  From there,  you are able to connect with other tenants that may be looking to do the same!

If looking to sell/get rid of items, make a post containing:

1.) images of the items you are selling/giving away

2.) prices

3.) contact information

4.)  location (such as building number and which floor you’re on).

Being clear and descriptive in your post is what will get those items off of your hands! Especially if you are located on the third floor and the interested individual may need to find assistance getting the item.

If searching for items, make a post containing what you’re looking for, your price range, and contact information!

For questions, email:



REVitalize Grand Opening – Saturday, March 16th!


We are so excited to welcome REVitalize to our West Chester complex! REVitalize features protein and nutrient packed shakes along with metabolism boosting teas.

REVitalize will have their Grand Opening at 8095 Beckett Center Drive, West Chester, OH, 45069 on Saturday, March 16, 2019 from 9AM-3PM. They will have a DJ, giveaways, special pricing, and delicious specials.

Like REVitalize on Facebook to find daily specials and promotions. Their regular hours at 8095 Beckett Center Drive will be Monday-Friday from 7AM-2PM, giving you the perfect opportunity to stop in on your way to the office or to take a break and walk over for lunch!


CMC Office Center Surrounded by Beckett Ridge Growth!

Who wouldn’t want their office space right in the middle of community development? CMC’s The Perfect Small Office in West Chester has been right in the middle of years worth of growth and the surrounding area is amazing! 
As Property Manager at this location for the past 5 years, I have seen many new places being built and each one brings it’s own excitement. When I first started, TriHealth was building their Group Health campus adjoining our complex to our north. Across 747, we have seen West Chester Academy build their center for music, dance, acting and gymnastics. In front of that, Children’s Learning Adventure opened their childcare center. Sprint, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Panera Bread have all opened as well. 
The most lengthy development opened last month, bringing the most excitement to the area; Kroger moved from our south side to our north side by building a brand new 133,000 sq ft Marketplace location with a fuel station. The development of Crossings of Beckett also brings PetPeople, SuperCuts, Ambiance Nail Spa to the area as well as opportunity for future outlots. 
Needless to say, the area growth has been incredible and we’re looking forward to what is yet to come! Stay tuned for a really exciting business opening in our retail center this Spring! 

Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Simon Accounting Services

Raven Simon is new to CMC’s The Perfect Small Office, Blue Ash! She is a CPA and has had a passion for numbers for as long as she can remember. She started doing her own taxes in high school which lead to doing taxes for friends and family. After doing work here and there, Raven took the leap and opened her own business where she can be more organized. She’s been an official CPA for four years and has been working as one full-time for a year and a half now.

Raven has earned her title after years of schooling. Attending Clemson University in South Carolina to earn her bachelor’s degree in accounting was just the beginning of her education journey. She then went on to earn her Master’s and take her CPA Exam. Raven eventually moved to Ohio to work for GE, where she has planted her roots and decided to open her own business as Raven S. Simon, CPA.

Just by spending a few moments with Raven, you can tell she’s so passionate about what she does. She loves people and she loves numbers, so being a CPA is perfect for her! Raven stated that “numbers tell a story” and her inner teacher wants to help her clients understand what the numbers mean.

Every business at some point will need an accountant and Raven sees quite a variety of people! Anyone from contractors and construction workers to hair stylists and restaurants to dentists and chiropractors. Some clients are only clients during tax season while the majority of her clients are monthly customers.

When it comes to the future, Raven has no plans of slowing down! She plans on working her way to the top until she has her very own skyscraper. She hopes to eventually expand where she can hire a receptionist, auditors, and interns that she can pass her knowledge along to.

While Raven is dedicated to her career and business, she loves to have fun! She enjoys reading and has become quite outdoorsy! Hiking and traveling the world are just a couple of her many interests! Her favorite place to visit being Barcelona!

Raven understands that the majority of small business owners also have a full time job along with running their own business, so she has set her hours accordingly to meet her clients needs! She is open Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 7 pm. You can get ahold of her by emailing, phone call, or social media!

Instagram: @SimonAccounting



Phone: 513-909-9733