Beckett Shred Day!

Tenants of The Perfect Small Office – Beckett are encouraged to bring their personal and professional paperwork to be shredded onsite May 13th from 1:00-2:00pm. Giveaways and a sweet treat will be provided!

Earth Day!

Did you know… Shred Day falls upon the week of Earth Day!  That is no coincidence! What better way to kick off spring cleaning than to responsibly rid of those old document taking up space and collecting dust? Our friends at Junk King, America’s cleanest junk removal service, are returning for our 2022 Shred Day to assist us in our recycling efforts! Want to learn more about how you can make an eco friendly impact? Check out the tips and tricks below, directly from Junk King’s blog!

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1. Take More Walks

We’ve urged this step in the past, and we keep coming back to it because it remains one of the most straightforward practices to start with Earth Day.

Outdoor activities have been growing more popular since 2020, and walking has continued to be an effective way for people to stay healthy. Some have argued that running can be more beneficial for the human heart than running, as walking happens to be a less-efficient way of moving the body from one place to the other and demands greater physical exertion.

While that’s debatable, walking definitely proves to be a good way to invest in the planet. In addition to getting outdoor exercise, walking can also encourage neighborhoods and municipal organizations to invest more in pedestrian safety and greener areas. If enough people can be seen using a walking path, it’s possible the people who maintain the path will spend more time and money developing the path to benefit both the people and the environment.

Gyms can be great tools for getting healthy, but outdoor walks can be healthier for the body and soul.

2. Investment Through Planting

Because sometimes “Investing in the Planet” can also mean “Investing in Home Improvement,” planting something can be an excellent way to observe Earth Day.

So what do we mean by “Investing in Home Improvement?” When it comes to planting things, the general thought might be plant fruits and vegetables which can be harvested from your back yard (or a window box, depending on your living arrangements) and immediately transferred to your dinner plate.

However, you can also invest in your home and the environment by planting trees or choosing plants that can be used by the animals and insects in your environment. For example, if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Live Monarch Foundation in Blairsville, GA, the organization will send a packet of milkweed seeds native to your area. You get to plant and cultivate plants that can beautify your home while attracting caterpillars that will eventually become butterflies.

Also, you can replenish dead plants and trees by planting new ones. If the oak tree in your neighborhood died from rot or termites, plant a new sapling to replace it.

3. Recycle

Most suburban neighborhoods offer a recycling pickup service that operates like garbage collection. However, make sure to keep plastic grocery bags out of the recycle bin. The bags can get caught in the recycling machine’s gears.

4. Go Green (Investing)

When all else fails, considering donating to schools and non-profit organizations that engage in earth-friendly activities.

It should be noted here that investing, even in non-profit organizations, can be a hit-or-miss experience. So if you’re not sure about making a financial donation, do some research about the organization before committing any fundraising to their cause. You’re probably safe with school organizations, but it never hurts to do some research and know for sure.





Meet Your Mason Manager!

Meet Mason’s new manager, Jillian! Jillian has been the property manager at our Beechmont location for the last two years and is excited about her transition to the Mason office. She loves to chat with tenants, fulfill their needs and always has a smile on her face.

Fun Facts About Her:

  1. She is the Turpin High School dance team coach
  2. She is currently training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon
  3. She loves to craft with her cricut
  4. She has two cats that she treats like children
  5.  She has an Electronic Media degree from the University of Cincinnati

Be sure to stop by her office and introduce yourself this month!

Spring cleaning your small office

Spring has arrived and with it comes the opportunity to clean & organize your small office! Starting a project like this can be overwhelming and time consuming. Follow the tips below for some help in the process:

Divide Your Office into Sections
The best way to tackle any mess is to break it down into sections. Start with one area and work in small sections at a time.

Organize Paperwork
Make room on a bookshelf or cabinet for file boxes or paper trays. Separate papers by type such as “to file” and “to do.”

Clean Out Your Desk
Your desk should hold your absolute most important items, such as a computer, phone, notepad, and pen. If your desk has drawers, those drawers should hold your most important or most current paperwork.

Create a Designated Area for Supplies
Post-it notes, staples, paper clips – everyone’s desk is full of them. Empty out that junk drawer, gather the pens that are scattered across your desk, and create a designated drawer or bin to organize office supplies.

Eliminate Your Digital Clutter
Digital clutter is as frustrating to deal with as physical clutter. Clean out your inbox. Read, reply, and delete emails you no longer need. Remove unused desktop icons on your computer by filing documents away into folders.

Clean Your Furniture
When the organization is done it’s time to actually clean. Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant. Dust your shelves. Polish your furniture. Cleaning and disinfecting should be a part of your weekly routine.



Mark your calendars! Shred Day 2022 has been scheduled!

Spring Cleaning Tips

With warm weather right around the corner, now is the perfect time to clean out your office space. Throw open that window and get to cleaning!

Office Cleaning Checklist:

Remove all items for your desktop and drawers – wipe down the desktop and all of your items as you begin placing them back on your workspace

Keep frequently used items on your desktop and store the other items away in an organized manner

Prepare old files & papers to be shredded at our coming Shred Day

Go through your computer and delete files you aren’t using, filter your emails, and back everything up on a hard drive