West Chester Office Center Parking Lot Resurfacing!

We’re happy to announce that the front parking lot of 8080 Beckett Center Drive will be resurfaced on Friday, October 2nd and concrete curbing will be laid on Monday, October 5th.
This good news does come with minor inconveniences that we need to make sure gets relayed to all employees and visitors of the building. It is imperative that no cars be left in the green area (shown below) Thursday evening as work will begin very early Friday morning. Therefore, any vehicle left in the green area shown below after 7pm Thursday, October 1st is subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.
On Friday, please utilize the parking behind building 8080 or the parking lot of building 8050. In addition to the back door, we will have the side doors of building 8080 unlocked Friday, October 2nd (please note that if you park in the front lot of 8050, you will need to walk through or around the building to access 8080).
Areas will be blocked off over the weekend to allow room for the curbing to be installed on Monday, October 5th. Please do not park in any area that has been blocked off.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any point. I appreciate your help and cooperation and am very grateful that we have been granted this capital project!

Caitlin Beckett, Property Manager
CMC’s The Perfect Small Office – Beckett

Happy First Day of Fall 2020!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! And happy official first day of Fall! 🍂🌻🌥🥧☕️🎃

Leaves are falling.. and so are our prices! Call today for our seasonal specials!

Mason Tenant Spotlight: Creative Storm

Creative Storm Promo, a CMC tenant in building 7588, recently saved a local school over $150 on an order of only 60 imprinted t-shirts! The customer was so happy with the great price that she recommended us to her son’s baseball team and another school district as well!

Now is the time to look at your apparel needs. Whether it’s imprinted masks, t-shirts, polo shirts, ladies’ apparel and more, Creative Storm is your single source for great quality and price.

“We recently were able to save money on embroidered jackets for Verizon,” said Linda Dektas, Creative Storm CEO, “The promotional items were just in time for their local event.”

Creative Storm has sourced promotional items for many CMC tenants, like pens for Cincy Payprotec, polo shirts for GBLT Travel Group, printed t-shirts for MultiLink, and this CMC Newsletter for Matt Flick and the CMC management team! We thank you!

Visit the Creative Storm website to browse thousands of items for your company’s summer needs: www.creativestormpromo.com

Email Linda Dektas at Linda@creativestorm.com for an estimate or call (513) 234-0560.

Beechmont Free Coffee Fridays!

Beechmont Tenants,

Every Friday this Fall, there will be FREE coffee available for you outside of the leasing office. Please feel free to stop by, say hi and grab a warm cup to end your week off right! We want to say thank you for all of your hard work and patience these last few months, we really do appreciate you and want to share a little bit of joy with you! If you have any questions, comments or concerns you want to bring to my attention, please feel free to pop in my office and chat with me while you enjoy your coffee as well.

Thank you! – Jillian

FAQ Rent Payment Methods

Q: What options are available to make my monthly rent payments?

A: In addition to dropping off or mailing your check or money order to the management office, CMC offers a direct debit option for your monthly rent at no charge. To enroll, obtain a Direct Debit Authorization Form from your management office and return it to them with a voided check by the 15th of the month to enroll for the following month. Monthly debits are processed on the 5th of the month or the next business day after the 5th of the month.
CMC also offers an online payment option with a $16.95 processing fee through the Pay Now option at https://www.billerportal.com/ebpp/CMC/. Please contact your management office for your Tenant ID and PIN number to log in.

Blue Ash Rec Center Discount