Newly Renovated & Fully Decorated Executive Suites!

Upgrades and renovations are always happening around the property! Check out the latest executive suites and lobby to get a little remodeling!

These suites are roughly 200 sqft and have been completely renovated! They fully furnished and decorated, making them perfect for any small business looking to get its start or even expand!

Bright, cozy, and inviting!

**For more information, contact the leasing office:



CMC’s The Perfect Small Office, Blue Ash is hosting a food drive for the Freestore Foodbank!

Between now and December 18th, you can come to:

10979 Reed Hartman Hwy


Cincinnati, OH 45242

And drop off items to help families in need this holiday season! We’ll take care of the rest! Simple!


Not sure what to bring? No problem! Check out our flyer filled with ideas!

Thank you to everyone that has already donated!



Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Awakening Bodies Co.


There is no better time than the present to become the best “you” possible! Erin Gallagher of Awakening Bodies Co. is here to here to help you feel connected to your inner Self and your larger place within life, and to energetically navigate and participate with your own life’s circumstances.

Erin is a licensed massage therapist with a background in psychology, physical therapy aid, sekhem seichim reiki, and more! Each person will have a different experience when working with Awakening Bodies Co. but that because it is catered to you and what you need currently. Erin’s main goal is to help people live comfortably inside of their bodies and be okay with their thoughts and emotions.

A session starts out by entering a suite that has been set up to be warm and welcoming which is exactly how business owner, Erin and her sweet pup Roxy, can be described! One you’re settled with tea or water, you sit across from Erin and chat about where you are in your life and where you feel things are lacking. While you’re speaking, Erin is picturing images, topography, and energy that she translates into a hard drawn sketch. She takes your words and make something physical out of it for better understanding. Depending on what you need is how the session will progress. When it comes to timing and scheduling your visits, Erin encourages you to listen to your body and wait for it to tell you when it’s ready for another session.

Erin is truly passionate about her work and what she does. When asked her favorite part about her job, she loves watching her clients feel a sense of connection with themselves and when they finally see that they’re more than their struggles and thoughts.

Erin is holding her open house on Sunday, November 17th from 1 – 4 PM where she welcomes everyone to stop by and feel the space. Erin has made sure there is a surplus of different energies to work with her on her mission to help others find who they really are in a non judgmental and guided way.

For more about Erin and Awakening Bodies Co. or to schedule an appointment, visit her social media!

Facebook: Awakening Bodies Co. (@awakeningbodiescoaching)


Matthew 25 Ministries – Road Closures!

Matthew 25 Ministries is having their annual 5k on November 9th, 2019!

This means roads will be closed between 4:30 am – 10:30 am! We are also lending out our parking lot to the 5k racers and staff, so expect delays!

The following information was passed onto us by the Blue Ash Police Department:

Road Closures Beginning at 4:30 am:
Kenwood RD between Cornell RD & Osborne Blvd and Osborne Blvd at Ilmenau Way

Road Closures Beginning at 6:30 am:
Osborne Blvd between Reed Hartman Hwy & Kenwood Rd and Ilmenau Way between Reed Hartman Hwy & Osborne Blvd

Road Closures Beginning at 8:15 am:
Kenwood Rd between Cornell Rd & Creek Rd, Kenwood Rd closed to southbound traffic between Creek Rd & Glendale-Milford Rd, Glendale-Milford Rd closed to westbound traffic between Kenwood RD & Reed Hartman Hwy, Reed Hartman Hwy will be closed to northbound traffic between Glendale-Milford RD & Cornell Rd

Temporary Road Closures Beginning at 8:15 am:
Creek Rd between Reed Hartman Hwy & Kenwood Rd (expect long delays), E. Lake Forest Dr between Reed Hartman Hwy and Glendale-Milford Rd (expect long delays), and Cornell Rd between Reed Hartman Hwy & Kenwood Rd (opened at approx 9 am)

Closures will be removed as the race progresses. All roads will be open by 10:30 am with the exception of Kenwood Rd between Cornell Rd and Osborne Blvd.

More race info at
For questions, contact BAPD –

PSO Mason Tenant Spotlight: Recovery Solutions Corporation

The Solution to Billing, Collections & Recovery is Right Here at CMC

Started in 2001, Recovery Solutions Corporation has built a reputation for unparalleled commitment to helping clients navigate issues with billing, collections and recovery. RSC prides itself on providing flexible accounts receivable services that help clients in many ways:
Accelerate recoveries
Reduce days outstanding
Enhance client satisfaction
Reduce client collection expenses
Increase client revenue

Managed by Melinda Fatzinger, Recovery Solutions operates in Building 7588-Suite 133. Melinda has helped many businesses put their money issues on track, and invites all CMC tenants to stop by and say hello. To schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss any needs you might have, email Melinda at our call (513) 268-1047. Visit

Creating Your Perfect Small Office at CMC!

Office requirements vary from Tenant to Tenant. Here at CMC, we work hard to get you into the office that best fits your company’s needs! Sometimes, that requires construction projects such as adding/removing walls, creating doorways to combine units together, new flooring, custom doors, paint, windows, and so many other details! Take a look at 2 recent remodels at CMC in Beckett Ridge. We are so happy with how these both turned out and so are the new Tenants!