The Importance of Breakfast

It’s no secret that many of us lead very busy lives in this day and age. Between managing our careers, spending time with family and friends, and staying up-to-date with personal responsibilities, we often forget to eat. According to a 2011 study done by the NPD ground, 31 million American’s do not eat breakfast. Studies have also proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Here are some reasons why you should have breakfast every day, even if it is something as simple as a bagel or yogurt:

  • Mental Advantage: By eating breakfast we are fueling our bodies for the energy we need to get through the work day.
  • Become more focused: When you don’t eat breakfast, you get hungry and can lose your train of thought when working because your mind is thinking about how hungry you are. When we are full we can concentrate on tasks that matter.
  • Making healthier choices: People who do not eat breakfast tend to eat sugary, fattening foods which can lower your health and increase weight.
  • Increased productivity!!

Seeing as how breakfast correlates with positive benefits for our mind and bodies, it is important to remember to stop and grab a bite before starting our day! I can assure you that your mind, body, and business will be thankful that you did.