Asking For Reviews

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Having a small business requires you to constantly spread the word about what you do.  Search engines are tools you should definitely be taking advantage of to do this.  How do you keep your business from being lost in the vast amount of information on those search engines?  Reviews are a major component of the algorithm most search engines use to determine which sites, businesses, or information are the first to appear.  If you leave it up to clients and customers to just go give you a review without you asking for one then most of the time they won’t go out of their way to post one.  You need to ask for reviews or the only ones you will ever receive are the unwanted, negative comments from the few people that could have just been having a bad day.  This will not look good for the reputation of your business.

How do you ask for a review?

Simply just ask customers or clients that have used your services more than once.  This can be in person or through email.  Mention to them that they can write why they continue to use your services or how their experience is while working with you.  Anytime you have had a positive experience with a client or customer then most likely they would like to leave you a positive review.

Keep It Simple

Have a link ready to send to the individuals that you have asked to leave a review.  Google and Facebook make it rather simple to find the link associated to your business.  For Google you need to search your business, click the share button, and then you will see the link.  Facebook will require you to have a business page not a profile.  Once you have a business page all you have to do is share the link to that page.  The person leaving a review will simply have to click on “Reviews” and they can leave one there.

Responses Matter Too

When you start to have reviews rolling in, be sure to respond to them.  Google and Facebook both calculate how fast you respond and will add that into your algorithm of where you will be placed in searches.  Even a simple “Thanks for the review!”  will go a long way.


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