Meet the Staff

Beckett & Beechmont

Name: Adrienne Schroer
Title: Property Manager at Beechmont and Beckett
Start Date: October 2021
Bio: Hello! My name is Adrienne Schroer and I am the Property Manager at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office Beckett and Beechmont offices. I graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a focus in Literature and a minor in business.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and businesses and assisting them with making their small business dreams come true!
Outside of work, I love spending time with my son – we really enjoy camping and hiking – anything outdoors! I am an avid concert-goer, karaoke queen, and I have a strong passion for art.

Blue Ash

Name: Melissa Holley

Title: Property Manager at Blue Ash

Length of Employment: Began in March of 2018

Hello! My name is Melissa Holley and I am the Property Manager at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office Blue Ash.

I am truly passionate about helping small businesses grow and succeed. I love spending time with my 2 daughters listening to music, watching movies, doing any kind of arts and crafts, and vacationing. 

Fun Facts: Competed in the 2018 CrossFit Open, Enjoys Running for Charity Events, Loves Dancing and Art, Certified Scuba Diver.




Name: Sadie Tumbleson

Title: Assistant Operations and Marketing Manager

Length of Employment: Began in August of 2018

My name is Sadie and I’m the Assistant Operations and Marketing manager at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office, Blue Ash! I graduated from University of Cincinnati where I studied Electronic Media Communications and Animation.

Fun Facts: I received an Honorable Mention from the NATAS (National Academy of Television, Arts, and Sciences) for an animation I created while in school.



Name: Pete Montgomery
Title: Property Manager at Springdale 
Start Date: May 2012
Random fun fact about me: I have been a DJ for over 20 years now on the side and have played at several clubs and bars throughout the city.

Name: Debbie Smith
Title: Assistant Manager
Start Date: February, 2015
Bio: Hello! My name is Debbie Smith, and I’m the Assistant Property Manager at CMC’s Perfect Small Office in Springdale. I have over 30 years of administrative/accounting experience, mostly working in schools and churches. I have enjoyed working in the property management field for these past seven years.
Fun Fact: In middle age, I studied Mental Health at Sinclair Community College and have previously been employed as a life coach while living in Kentucky.

Name: James Johnson III
Title: Maintenance Tech
Start Date: July 2019
Bio: I graduated from Hughes Center from the C.A.M.A.S. program. Afterwards, I joined the Army then worked in the medical field. After 12 years of working in that field, I switched to residential maintenance, and was hired by CMC as a maintenance tech in 2019. A year later I married my fiance and we currently have 4 children and 4 dogs.
Fun Fact: I’m always tired/sleepy due to having two toddlers, but I love my job and always put in a hard day’s work.


Name:  Brian Toomey
Title:  Commercial Property Manager
Start Date: September 2014
Bio:  Born and raised in Ohio and a graduate from the University of Cincinnati.
Fun Fact:  Hobbies include playing drums, fantasy football, concerts, sightseeing, and DIY projects.  I’m also a license high school basketball official for the 9th region of Northern KY.   Currently a retired Personal Trainer/Exercise Specialist.


Name: Marlin Eicher Jr.
Title: Property Manager 
Start Date: August 2022
Bio: Hey everyone I am your Property Manager and Maintenance Tech here at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office, Carmel Indiana. I have been in Property Management for close to 8 years now. I really enjoy what I do and when you enjoy what you do you give it your best.. So rest assured you’re in good hands.Coming into work every morning knowing all my tenants are in good hands really makes me feel good. This building is like our little work family here.
Fun Facts: I enjoy health and fitness, hunting and fishing with my dad and heading to the lake on the weekends to boat.
Christ above all.