A Voice For The Innocent

Moving into our offices at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office Springdale in October is local non-profit A Voice For The Innocent. They are Cincinnati based and have been active for 2 years now. They are a community of support which offers aid and assistance to those affected by rape and sexual abuse. The main focus of their mission is web based, and you can find them atwww.avoicefortheinnocent.org, but a strong part of what they do also consists of attending public events and letting people know about their cause. Sex crimes reach 1 of 3 American women and 1 in 6 American men, spanning over all races, religions, classes and regions. AVFTI goes to events that are highly attended and tries to get a conversation about sex crimes going where it may not be already. You can often find them with booths at concerts, festivals, and conventions, and even though at first glance they may not appear to belong at any of these events, the vast number of people who are affected by sex crimes is so high that they are always welcome with an extremely warm reception.

Since 2012, AVFTI has gained hundreds of users on their site, been featured in various television and print news stories, and set up annual events such as Speak Up Cincinnati in October and Stand Up Ohio in April which are aimed at bringing the community together and standing up against sex crimes.

While they do not offer counseling or therapy for their clients, they do have relationships with many local counselors and therapists as well as with local attorneys and have made it a habit to direct people to these resources when requested.

Their office with us will serve as a meeting place for the 501c3 organization’s board, as well as a workspace for the staff members to work on upcoming campaigns, web maintenance, and promotion without distraction.