A+ Tutoring

Perfect Small Office – Springdale!

Michael DiSalvo is the owner of this growing, successful business that has joined us at The Perfect Small Office – Springdale but this journey has not been a simple road for Michael DiSalvo. As many will find, DiSalvo went through a few career changes in his life before his true passion was found.  

DiSalvo is a former student of University of South Florida in Tampa, where he studied psychology hoping to pursue a career in clinical or children’s psychology. Here is where his study skills and learning skills grew stronger and began to transform. DiSalvo started to use his skills to counsel people who volunteered, which varied from different walks of life and what they were struggling with when they came to see DiSalvo. These moments opened DiSalvo’s eyes and made him want to study more in a spiritual aspect not just in a psychological aspect, feeling that if he had both viewpoints on it, it would make him better equipped in his future growing career. This led Michael into the seminary, which opened his eyes and was a very beneficial learning experience; however, through time he realized the priesthood was not for him but was told in the time he spent at the seminary that “the priest is the ultimate teacher”, and who could disagree with that? Michael then realized that if he could not be a priest then he could at least be a teacher!

Once realizing all of these lessons through the years, he felt that teaching and tutoring was under his nose most of the time and was able to apply many of his talents to his present career choice. Shortly after realizing his talents and applying them he became Teacher of the Month, and helped a student to increase his SAT score 300 points in two weeks which is what led him to where he is today.

Michael DiSalvo was initially running his business out of his home, until his family started growing; this is where he started realizing that his business would be even more successful in a designated office space, which brought him to CMC The Perfect Small Office – Springdale. He has successfully guided about 800 students in the process of having his business over the years and is continuing to grow and add to that already impressive number here with us at The Perfect Small Office – Springdale.  

Michael DiSlavo’s philosophy is to be a “bounty hunter; shooting for the highest test scores possible in the shortest amount of time.” However, DiSalvo realizes that education is much more than just scores. He also strives to guide his students on a successful path of life in and out of the classroom; feeling that the goal in life is to be a better person, and learning ones role in the world, striving to make a difference in the world for good.

If you or anyone you know is interested in Michael DiSalvo’s A+ Tutoring services he is located here at The Perfect Small Office – Springdale, OH, at 260 Northland Blvd. Suite #109, or for more information http://APlusTutoring-TestPrep.com, you can also reach him at 513-939-9033. DiSalvo is also still willing to travel for many of his students.