Halloween is just around the corner which means you and your staff are likely working hard to meet Q4 goals.  However, we all like a little fun and a break so why not organize a festive Halloween party that offers up games and a way to socialize. These activities can be done in the office on a small budget with little time preparation. Better yet; ask your employees to help. Trust me; employees love to be valued.

Costume Contest!

Say goodbye to the office dress code for a day and allow employees to dress up in work appropriate costumes.  Appoint an unbiased judge or judging panel to award prizes to Best Duo or Group, Best Individual, or Most Creative.   The best way to make staff feel comfortable coming to work in costume is for upper management to participate as well.

Office Space Decorating

Instead of spending a lot of money decorating for an event that last less than a day, take an eco-friendly route and reuse any old Halloween supplies your team can contribute.  Take some time out of a day where everyone can come together to decorate.  After Halloween, box up everything and store away until the following year.

Team/Company Potluck

Create a lunch “boo-ffet” right inside the office.  Have employees sign up to bring a main course, appetizers, dessert, or supplies like plates, cups, or napkins.  Food can be Halloween themed with having the main point for everyone to participate and celebrate together.

Pumpkin Carving Competition

You provide the pumpkins and carving utensils; your team provides the inspiration and creativity.  If you are planning on having a Halloween party, this would be a good time to unveil the pumpkins.  A vote can determine best creation.

With a little creativity, a bit of planning, and a lot of enthusiasm from your team, you can throw a thrilling office Halloween party that everyone will remember.