FAQ re: Suite Access
This week, our most asked Tenant/Prospect question is in regards to CMC granting individuals access to a suite. Suite security is always our top priority and we take that very seriously. At lease signing, the leaseholder is asked to provide a list of individuals that CMC is permitted to give suite access to in the event that someone forgets their key, etc. CMC verifies that the individual is listed on this access list, verifies their identity by checking their ID, and will then provide them with suite access. Suite access is not deemed an emergency and does not warrant an after-hours emergency call. Leaseholders are responsible for updating this access list for any changes which is especially important in the event of employee turnover. Simply being an employee of the company does not automatically grant an individual access to the suite. This system is set in place to protect the companies that rent from CMC and their assets, therefore, we error on the side of security when in doubt.