Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Steve Bender Entertainment

Steve’s Bender Entertainment takes on a whopping 500 events a year for weddings, corporate functions, or even magic! So how did Steve get into this booming business?  It was all started by accident when he was only 12 years old!  He began as a DJ for school dances and then that led him to radio which he did for 35 years.  He still occasionally fills in for radio programs such as 103.5 WGRR.

We asked Steve what was one of the craziest situations he has been in and his story is definitely one to remember.  Back in the 80’s he got a call to be a DJ for a party and he was on speaker with several people.  Everything was being finalized and then they ask him if he has any issues with nudity.  Turns out the client was a nudist colony, but Steve decided to go ahead and take the gig.  He ended up being a DJ in a room full of nude people while he was in a tux!  Steve Bender Entertainment continued to do 20 more events with this client throughout the mid 80’s – mid 90’s.

The core of Steve Bender Entertainment is DJing but they provide a number of other services like photobooths and lighting.  Steve’s company has earned several awards including the Knot Hall of Fame!  He loves this job because of all the freedom it offers.  He gets to work with unique people and there is so much variety –   everyday is different.


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